Welcome To A Next Step

It is our vision and privilege to hold sacred space for Humanity to see with new eyes; to offer support for Humanity to accept and respond to all that it is with compassion, understanding, gratitude and a willingness to change positions of the past. We hold that space so that Humanity may recognize and embrace its Seed of Greatness and Divinity. It is imperative at this time in our evolution that Humanity accept that God-Goddess is unlimited and that the same is true for each of us--all of mankind. 

There are several accessible portals available to us to champion the conditioning of the past--which locks us in. The willingness to step up to and into this opportunity is the beginning of a continuous and adventurous journey.

With several decades of client, as well as personal inner journey / research, A Next Step is fully prepared and dedicated to serve you in the highest way possible. You will discover how very capable you are of assuming the job of "driving your own bus"--of directing your own life. We dedicate our service to each soul who desires to do self inquiry, to learn to accept, love, heal and transform themselves into their Higher Good.

As each of us are willing to find and live our Higher Good, we join the myriad of others who are moving back into Union with Mother Father God One. To that beginning we dedicate our service and offer an invitation to you.

A NEXT STEP...Transformation and Healing Center is dedicated to expansion of consciousness and awareness, perceptual change, transformation and healing.

The Invitation

We are the Earth and we are undergoing fast and rapid changes. We all agreed to be here at this auspicious time in the history of this precious planet to birth Her and ourselves into a New Higher Order of Living and Responsibility. It is a fabulous journey that we are sharing.

There are the large number of world citizens here at this time for a reason. Our souls said "YES!" to the clarion call from the Godhead. We agreed to be here to uplift and support one and another. Many are still awakening to their true purpose in being here.

We cannot make this journey alone and it is foolhardy to attempt to do so. There are many Light Centers of Transformation and Healing, as well as many technologies and teachers that are here for all of us. There is no one single approach that will have it all; you will require a few to several strategies in your medicine bag. We encourage you to find the ones that resonate with you as you make your journey back into Union with the One God-Goddess. And we encourage you to spend the time needed to become masterful with those teachings and technologies.

Kelley will inspire you to educate yourself into the experience of not only better health, but a successful life with successful relationships, especially with Mother Father God, Heaven on Earth. We customize our tools to suite your every need.

We humbly invite you to take a walk thru our website, email or call us and feel if what we offer can support you in your time here. Life is The Process. Learn how to maximize the evolution of your soul in a gentle, loving and focused way.
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