Working with you these past several weeks has been amazing. The processes are simpler than anything else I've been supported in and are moving "mountains" in my present life experience. Some of them have initially filled me with genuine joy while others have "seemed so difficult" (just my own conditions and reactions)...and then they turn out so well (more happiness)! I see so much more often how I create my own roadblocks, and am learning new ways to identify them before allowing them to become "a problem". The latest French Door exercise is wonderful as are the others you've shown me so far. I am so grateful for you and your gentle & fun-loving support Kelley. Thanks for helping me open up to yet another step in awareness.

Gratefully, Lee Placchi
Las Cruces, NM

Testimonial - your work in general

For me, the work that Kelley does has been essential, especially during times when I have been overwhelmed or going through something intense. It has helped me release energetic, physical and emotional pain, get my energy and vitality back and feel better overall. After a session, it often feels like I’m on another level. I call it a spiritual 911 service and am deeply thankful for it.
About the French doors (so far).

I have noticed more energy and a hopefulness which to me means sensing the opening up of possibilities. There have also been a number of insights and realizations. After just the first session, I felt that I was more in sync with the world (in a good way, as in more alignment).

What I love about this method is that it is so quick and easy to do. Can be readily used anywhere and often. I am excited to continue to explore it.


In a particularly difficult phase in my journey from illness to Wellness Kelley was steadfastly there encouraging guiding inspiring me to stay afloat and heal. So grateful for Kelley's lead. He kept me laughing and optimistic.

Thank you, love you,
I have been thoroughly enjoying working with Kelley - very much. Even the few times when doubt would come in making me question it all.

The doubt showed up as thoughts that my other emotions were being ignored. I did not like this. Kelley encouraged me to continue with the process....and yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I was able to get to a place where I can validate whatever I feel. And I can also then go to even a higher frequency using the tools Kel has shared with me. I see that I am at choice..... and that is a very empowering place to be. I am extremely grateful for his patience & assistance in keeping me focused.
This process works !!    

L.A. Fairfield, IA

[a first session]
 I totally LOVE this picture!!! (having emailed the photo of the French Doors)
It's similar to what I pictured in my mind's eye though nowhere as beautiful. Your picture is much better! It just seems perfect.   

I pictured a french door with a pot of beautiful flowers next to it in the same place as the flower pot in the picture except the flower pot was sitting on the floor next to the door.

Thank you so much for the session today. I feel so uplifted and light. I feel like things are going to take an incredible turn for the better and that I'm on the right path. My neck feels a ton better too.

I look forward to another session next Friday....or sooner....

Have a great weekend, Kelley!


I look forward to my weekly session with Kelly, the continuation of the process is a nice reset or check in with my self discovery. I appreciate the patience he offers in his guidance & the wisdom he speaks. I always feel different & expansive in a new way after each session.

Thank you Kelly!


The first time I met Kelley, I knew he could help! I had extreme pain lodged in my spine so debilitating that I could not function. A friend told me about “this guy that was a chiropractor, but different.” Kelley gently worked me through the pain. He taught me how I had created it and gave me the tools to move forward in life and realize I had the gifts inside me to shift anything! He taught me that I didn’t need to be a victim of life. 30 years later, Kelley is still a master at showing me how my thinking and belief patterns either support me or hinder me. I have found that learning about how I create my own life can be gentle and easy or extremely difficult. With his help I have faced my daemons and taken control of my life. Kelley has an extraordinary gift of helping people “go with the flow” instead of swimming up the current. I have a much better time when I can let go and feel the bliss of my own creation. Kelly allows the journey of self-discovery to be easy and fun!
David Anderson 
 Arroyo Seco, NM

Hi Kelley. 
I’m writing this in part so I don’t forget these things. I was trained at some point to notice small changes.
Right after I got off the phone with you I went to pick something up and it wasn’t there. It was a visual trick. This happened to me once before and I told Toni about it. That time it involved a rock in my yard that I was confusing with a frog. I told her about it and she said something to me about my consciousness changing or something, I don’t remember exactly but she gave me a reason beyond the silliness of “is it a rock or a frog, a rock or a frog?”
Then I decided I needed to take the cat to the vet. I didn’t really want to go to the one vet on Main because they’re always busy and we end up sitting in the waiting room with lots of dogs and cats. It’s fine with me but the cat doesn’t like it. But…they were open and the other vet wasn’t so we went. When we got there, there was NO ONE there. The parking lot was empty, the waiting room was empty. There were lots of people there when we left. I felt like I was being taken care of - in the flow. 
 Interesting dreams about friends and places.
 A mushroom with a smiley face.
One other thing. This seems to happen quite a bit. When I have a session with someone like you (as if there is anyone like you LOL, but I mean someone who does energy work or whatever you want to call it), it always seems that my doctor is also tweaking my hormones (or something) at the same time; so I have a session and then I feel really good - sometimes for a short period of time - day or hours. As I’m always trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, in the past I was a little frustrated because I couldn’t tell if it was the hormones or the energy work. Then I thought, maybe it's a combination and who cares? Then it occurred to me today that maybe the doctor is altering the hormones because of the other work. 
 So, these are thoughts in my head and if I put them down I can stop talking to myself for awhile. 
 Thanks for listening,
 Talk to you tomorrow.

(Kelley's response below)

Very well written Sarah,...yes, I believe many of us who are talented (as Toni and I have always known about you) have incidents like that...

I often see colored lights...pastel colors, Toni called them "joy guides"... I often have to do "reality checks" when I am watering,..

I "get into" the watering and the gratitude from the plant devas ... and have to check on - is that a snake, turantula, lizard, bee, carpenter bumble bee, etc...The cottontails are obvious... but they do sit and watch me at times... instead of running off.

When I go out into the desert... yikes, I never know what's going to happen.

I recommend reading a variety of books on this subject, famous among them are: The Findhorn Garden, Fools Crow-wisdom and power, Mutant Message Down Under, Neither Dog Nor Wolf, The Way of the Scout, all of Carlos Casteneda, Gifts of Unknown Things, and many others.

May I use this email as a testimonial and in my book?...I can change or leave your name off...what ever you like. I would be honored.


Hi Kelly,
Just wanted to say thank you for a great session. I went to Pilates after the session and it was also the perfect session, all about L5 and lower back work so I am now feeling very good!! Have a great week, talk soon.
Kind regards,
Janet Morrison
Property Partner

I have signed a contract for the sale of the Carson House!!! Yea! The closing is August 1st! I am thrilled... that place has been a burden and am glad we can put that equity into this house we are in now and get out of debt!
The current renter isn't happy... but he will get over it!
Have a great day!
Thank you for helping!!!

YES!!!! Yippee!.. far freakin' out! Good on you David. Hooray!

Yea! Jumping for Joy! We both could feel the energy shift! I have been working on this energetically for over a year, purging all my unworthiness, hanging on etc. French doors!!! Just find it in the window...open the doors and really feel it! That's what I would do in the mornings!

Have a great day!
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