Toni Delgado - Facilitator For Change

After twenty six years as my teacher, Toni Delgado decided to leave the planet… she passed on August 13th, 2016 at approximately 1:30 am.

Toni was relentless in her study to be of service, to move her process to always newer heights and to have as constant communication as she could with the Divine Mother and All That Is.

Empathic as she was, hers was a constant letting go of the mass consciousness that has moved All of Us nearer to the turning point that we are.

Always strongly encouraging me to move more of my stuff as she was moving hers… to make Our/Your house, property and planet more sacred. Her personal devotion to waking up was twenty-four seven.

She is missed and she continues to choose to be moving upward… to be with her teachers 
- Jim Dvorak and Mary Burns.

Dr. Kelley Elkins
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