About Kelley

Dr. Elkins adores his work. He is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher/physician. He also has a great sense of humor and is a kind, honest and genuine human being. As a result of his experience, compassion and understanding, clients allow him to advocate for them working with the Innate Intelligence of the Body-Mind-Spirit bringing about healing from within. Dr. Elkins' empathic ability and developed intuition allows him to have a great connection with Source which opens generous gateways in support of his clients.

A Little History

Dr. Elkins' understanding of the Body-Mind-Spirit complex and how it shapes health and disease is a true gift. For the last two decades, Dr. Elkins has worked his emotional, spiritual process at a deeper level than most healing professionals. Having worked through enormous issues including Viet Nam makes him a wider, cleaner instrument for Spirit to come through. This coupled with Dr. Elkins' enthusiasm for reading medical, scientific research, ancient scripture and metaphysical information keeps him in the forefront of healers.

He is exceptional in that he is a true metaphysician; he knows and trusts the body mind is an awesome regenerative healing instrument. He has seen this over and over again as he healed himself from a near death experience and as he has supported others in their own individual life challenges.

Dr. Elkins trained with Dr. Ted Morter Jr, innovator of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) at Parker College of Chiropractic (1986) and became a diplomat in 1990. He then trained in Advanced B.E.S.T. (2004). Dr. Elkins also worked as a veterinary technician in the Army in Vietnam (1970-71) and learned much about the psychology and relationship between the dogs and their handlers which supports the work he does with families, children and pets today.

His B.E.S.T., advanced B.E.S.T and Multi-Level Energy Work take people out of pain that has been both chronic and acute. Some clients have commented that miracles seem to happen through his work with them. Often times he surprises his clients by saying things no one knows except the Creator. Bringing this information to consciousness promotes healing, forgiveness, increases energy, light and well being for the client and the planet at large.

His own evolution with energy has taken him into a MULTI-LEVEL ENERGY HEALER (gifts Kelley received from Source in 1999). He also employs REIKI (Master since '94), QUANTUM DYNAMICS (Teacher since '96), REBIRTHING (since '86) and VISION QUEST (learned in childhood from his father and his own connection to Mother Earth) into his work.

In 2007 Kelley learned MATRIX ENERGETICS from Dr. Richard Bartlett and became a certified practitioner in 2008. Matrix Energetics has expanded Kelley’s talents into a new arena of transformation to support himself and his clients in a fabulous new and different way. Matrix Energetics will open doors and windows for you into higher consciousness and accelerate your relationship to all of Life. Matrix Energetics has made healing and transformation really fun and easy.

Dr. Elkins' continued evolution of energy work and working with Mom Earth and all her creatures has harmonized him into the realm of Shamanism. Kelley truly is a Shaman. He has a beautiful connection and rapport with Mother Earth's four leggeds and wingeds. He is a very good tracker and wilderness buff. He loves supporting folks into connecting to the Earth and Source thru Vision Quests and Walk-abouts.

Working with Earth energies, he is adept at acupuncturing land, buildings, and homes to heal and increase the energy. He also is excellent at opening and healing energy vortexes.

All healing comes from Source and the person’s connection to that Higher Power. Many people have forgotten that connecting link. In an effort to support folks to remember, Dr. Elkins has become a Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward Minister in 2001 and a Minister of The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship with Dr. Willard Fuller in 2005.
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